"Maximum 60 people" for Wedding 2nd Assembly, 3 hours charter !! [All you can drink] with ★ 2500 yen plan ★ 【tax included】
2500 Yen

There are 3000 yen · 3500 yen.

2500 yen is limited to Monday through Thursday (excluding public holidays).☆ You can also use BGM production according to the scene ◎ You can use it for farewell reception and birthday party ♪ "Maximum 60 people" "Consultation after business hours"


■ seasonal salad

■ Spicy chili sauce with potted leather

■ Atsua Wynner Cuisine

■ chicken peach meat juicy tomato stew or juicy chicken diamond

■ Creamy meat pasta

※ It may be changed depending on the season and purchase situation.

«One benefit example»

★ Bride / groom's free

★ Bouquet / Cake service for leading role

★ Prepared for number of crackers

★ Information card creation free

★ Karaoke system complete

★ Bingo game free rental

★ Screening of wedding receptions and video letters etc on an impressive video screen

★ Cheki Free Rental

★ Birthday · Circle launch etc. OK

"Maximum 60 people" "Consultation after business hours"