Popular ★ 3 hour system! All you can eat 2780 yen 【tax included】 【All you can eat!】
By using a coupon2780 yen

Since cooking is handmade, you can enjoy it while you are warm ♪ Because it looks pretty, so I'm satisfied with this all-you-can-eat as much as 120%! There is also plenty of drinks so I recommend it to those who like to drink a lot! ★

Popular ★ 3 hour system! All you can eat 2780 yen 【tax included】 【All you can eat!】

【All you can eat and all you can drink menu!】

Plus ☆ mark on the menu of 1780 yen! There is a sticking pizza and a monthly changing plug in 2280 yen!

The course from 2780 yen is a must see because desserts and party menus are substantial (> ▽ <)!


● Broiled bacon and caulked salad with roseball ● Jasakari fried salad ● Kuzushi Tofu and plenty onion green healthy salad

☆ Grilled vegetables Marche salad ~ Like a Bagna cauda salad ~

☆ cold ratatouille and colored vegetable garden salad

"One item"

● Cracker de bruschetta ● Tempered chilled tomato and broiled bacon Carpaccio tailored ● Cucumber and salt kelp instant pickles ● Full of kimchi kneading guy female ● boiled edamame

☆ Broiled salmon with roast ground pepper carpaccio

☆ Grilled green peppers homemade meat sauce


● Broiled Bacon German potato ● Grilled potatoes special cheese sauce

☆ Grill wiener ~ grain mustard and ~

☆ stir-fry of cashew nuts

"Fried food"

● Chakashaka Potato Fries (Curry, Sesame Salt, Grated Salt, Salt) ● Chicken Deep-fried Chicken

● ~ Soul hood ~ Three kinds of salt added to tempura ● Special choice of chopped chicken fried chicken mayo sauce (tirimayo, Talamayo, BBQ Mayo) ● Sakura color tartar garden chicken Namba

● Deep-fried chicken with original herb salt ~ ● Fish & chips ● Cheese fry ~ Special salsa ~

☆ White chisel and seasonal vegetables slimy Escabec - ~ Western-style bamboo tailoring ~

☆ Trivandered cutlet with special ratatouille


● Teppanyaki Napolitan ● Pepperoncino with plenty of bacon and leek ● Tomato sauce pasta in mushroom ● homemade pasta with homemade mushrooms ● Japanese pasta with mushrooms

☆ thick! Torarobama Carbonara

☆ Otaru cream pasta

☆ Cooked Risotto with Broiled Corner Bacon

☆ melting cream risotto

☆ vegetables plentiful vegetable taco rice

"Party Menu"

☆ whole one ___ Ultimate Fried Chicken with Fried Chicken

☆ Enjoy wrapping ~ Waiyou apaga tacos ~

☆ Vegetable Cook of Apaga Garden


● Ice cream vanilla · chocolate · strawberry

☆ melting cream brulee

☆ Annin tofu ~ Berry Berry sauce ~

☆ Honey French Toast

☆ Chocolate Crunch and Custard Mini Pafe


☆ Beef Harami Steak (3600 yen course only)

Coupon that can be used

  • From Sunday to Thursday limited GIRLSDAY All you can eat dessert!

    • Presentation conditions
      At the time of booking at the time of booking
    • Conditions of use

      Can not be used with other tickets / services 1 set 1 time 1 sheet required reservation

    • Expiration date
      Until the end of March 2018
  • Explosion! Added by meat bar 1,000 yen to each all-you-can-eat course

    • Presentation conditions
      When booking HP gourmet reservation required (on the day OK)
    • Conditions of use

      2 people or more · Reservation required · 1 pair 1 time 1 sheet · female only · men only ·

    • Expiration date
      Until the end of March 2018
  • ★ Eating and drinking unlimited ★
    ☆ Limited course of more than 2280 yen ☆ (Excluding Sun - Three Limited Holiday) ※ Not less than 10 people

    • Presentation conditions
      When booking HP gourmet saw it was necessary (on the day also OK ♪)
    • Conditions of use

      ★ Incompatible with other tickets / If it is over 10 people, it will be 3 hours.

    • Expiration date
      Until the end of March 2018