• Upper garden head office use

    I am always grateful for your help!!

    We have various plans available at our shop

    The best recommended ?

    We will discuss with customers and proceed

    Wedding second party plan

    Asked the secretary for the first time "What should I do ,,,"

    I think there is such anxiety!

    Please be relieved, we will cooperate with your help !

    Things that can only be done by shops that have made numerous weddings second party

    Besides such a thing, "I want to surprise!"

  • To such customers

    · Surprise plate

    · Caricature gifts

    I will recommend these two!

    Of course, depending on our staff

    We will also prepare surprise plates and caricatures

    Besides, microphone performance!

    The staff gave a loud voice to our customers' feelings

    I sincerely express my congratulations and I will tell you.

    In the restaurant a little unusual and such around

    To the wedding second party, friends, important people

    Enjoying rice may be interesting too!

  • For any questions, inquiries, please contact us directly!